Re: JTAG RTCK / Jeeni question

Started by rodgersfan1253 September 30, 2005
--- In lpc2000@lpc2..., Rob Jansen <rob@m...> wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with the Jeeni connected to an lpc2xxx?
> I got a Jeeni (from EPI) on my desk but heard that it will not connect
> to the lpc2xxx because of the missing RTCK line on its JTAG interface.
> I was not yet able to verify this myself yet since I\'m still waiting
> the software to arrive (someone misplaced the CDs ...)

I was informed unequivocally by EPI that the LPC family (and any other
-S series ARM core) was *not* supported by JEENI specifically due to
the lack of the RTCK interface. This is what forced me to buy another
JTAG unit to work with the LPCs, specifically, a BDI2000, since I
needed to continue to use the GDB server-based interface.

Abitron also stated that the RTCK support was mandatory, quoting the
same paragraph from the ARM7DMI-S spec noted in an earlier message.
If this pin really isn\'t necessary for correct data timing, then
Philips needs to get the message out to all the JTAG debugger people.

-- Tom Nelson

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