Re: JTAG RTCK / Jeeni question

Started by lpc2100_fan October 1, 2005

the LPC2103 has a dedicated debug enable pin which enables the JTAG.


--- In lpc2000@lpc2..., "Joel Winarske" <joelw@i...> wrote:
> To add to the benefits of RTCK:
> How would one enable debug without the RTCK pin?
> Excerpt from a Data Sheet:
> "RTCK - Returned Test Clock output. Extra signal added to the JTAG port.
> Assists debugger synchronization when processor frequency varies.
> Bidirectional pin with internal pull-up.
> Note: LOW on RTCK while RESET is LOW enables pins P1.31:26 to operate
> as Debug port after reset."
> Pins P1.31:26 are the JTAG port.
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> Joel

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