Re: New poll for lpc2000

Started by Gus October 2, 2005
shouldn't the pin that selects the boot loader have a built in pull
up? I thought it is not so smart to use a floating pin on all chips
knowing that there are other pins that have pull up internally!

I hope it is going to move to a pin with pull up


--- In lpc2000@lpc2..., "Karl Olsen" <kro@p...> wrote:
> --- In lpc2000@lpc2..., lpc2000@lpc2... wrote:
> >
> > Rules:
> > need to take off one pin from each side of the LQFP48.
> > JTAG pins, Vdd, Vss and UART0 pins are not an option. Try
> > to keep as much as possible functionality. Using these
> > rules please select 4 pins. Data Sheet can be found here:
> >
> > 2101_2102_2103.pdf
> > Chapter 5 (Page 4) has the pinout information
> I'd say that removing pin 44 (P0.14) is no option either. With this
> pin floating at reset, you don't know whether the chip enters the
> bootloader or not. Or is the serial bootloader now entered in some
> other way?
> Karl Olsen

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series