Re: Is it possible to port uCLinux in LPC2106

Started by Leonardo Santos October 4, 2005
Hello All:
Let me disagree with you Sebastian. Embedded Linux IS a viable alternativa,
depending on what you want to do. Is, Linux requires far more RAM and flash
that you would need by writing the software yourself, and Linux, from a O.S.
design point of view, is not a very good embedded O.S., as it divides the
kernel space from the user space.
What you need to do? Linux is great at providing a reliable TCP/IP stack and
a project can benefit greatly if you can get a functionality you need from a
package that already exits, for exemple, you need SNMP on you device, put
Linux on your board and use NET-SNMP. You can get things running very quickly
this way.
But if all you need is a O.S., than Linux might no be the best solution.
Where I work, we have a whole line of routers using Linux, and they work
great, but we use faster processors, as the MPC 8xx from Frescale. So an ARM9
would be a more common choice to run Linux on, not that Linux can\'t run on
other processors, but simply because faster processors justify the use of a
complex O.S, because if you could, you\'d have selected a cheaper processor
for the task.

Hope it helped, cheers!

On Tuesday 04 October 2005 05:21, 42Bastian Schick wrote:
> ranjith kumar <ranjith_gda@ranj...> schrieb am Fri, 30 Sep 2005 22:30:01
> -0700 (PDT):
> > Hi All.,
> >
> > I am Ranjith , working as a Design Engineer in GDA Technologies Ltd.,
> > Chennai.
> > Now I am working in Philips LPC2106 ( ARM7TDMI ) microcontroller based
> > project.
> >
> > I would like know that \' Is it possible to port uCLinux in LPC2106 ? \'.
> No.
> Do you want to save your employers money ? If so, don\'t go for Linux.
> It costs:
> a) HW : more RAM more Flash
> b) SW : more time until it works well on you hardware unless it is x86.
> > And also inform me What is minimum Memory requirement to port uCLinux?
> Check: comp.arch.embedded and other usenet groups.

This is Linux country.
On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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