Problem while interfacing EEPROM with MSP430

Started by shastrinvs June 24, 2005
Hi everyone My name is shastri and am a novice who has just begun to
explore MSP430. I have a few problems while interfacing my atmel 24c04
eeprom( it has a i2c bus) with my MSP430( i am using MSP430fe427 and
it does not have i2c).I refeered apllication note slaa115 which
describes interfacing 24c04 to MSP430x11x , butI am not knowing how to
give clock to my SCL pin and initialise the eeprom. If any one could
help me , i would be very grateful.

Your comrade in promoting Ti MSP430,
N.V.S. Shastri

Beginning Microcontrollers with the MSP430