sfrb on an IAR Application Note and UART init

Started by vidalastudillo August 18, 2005
Hi to everyone in this post!

As a novice user on the USART (and without any knowledge on 
Assembler) I was trying to implement an AN from IAR on the Workbench 
which is intented to provide a "circular buffer for the serial 
interface" in C code.

When declaring the variables for the buffer it states the following:

sfrb URXBUF = 0x76; // receive register
sfrb UTXBUF = 0x77; // transmit register

The compiler says it cand resolve sfrb. I have checked the TI User 
Guide and I found that the SFR states for Special Fuction Register, 
but I couln't figure it out how to resolve it.

I would like to ask anybode who can give me a hand about a proper way 
to define the above.

Also, I have had trouble init the USART to be used with a XTAL 
running at 8Mhz and connected to a MAX232 (I'm using an MSP430F133). 
My goal is to use it a an speed above 19200 and 8N1. Has anybody an 
example of how to set it up correctly in C for the IAR compiler?

Thank you for any light on it. I appreciate your kind help.

Good luck to everyone.



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