ADC12 Question for High Speed & High Volume on MSP430F1612

Started by Tom Prenderville May 4, 2006
Hi All,

I have a development board with an MSP430F1612 which has a 4MHz  
Crystal on XT2IN and a 32khz Crystal on XIN. I have a requirement to 
use this system to sample a single ADC channel 50,000 times in 300 
milliseconds. After all samples are taken, the data can be output in 
a slower fashion on a UART/SPI/I2C.

First, while I think the ADC can sample at this rate, I'm not sure I 
can save all the readings in the time required.

Does anyone have any experience of doing such an operation. I was 
thinking of using the DMA to write the data to Flash or RAM but 
space would be an issue and I'm not sure about writing Flash at that 
speed. To reduce space, I could ignore the bottom 4 bits of the 
ADC12 data.

I have a 64k EEPROM on an SPI bus but I think this may be even 

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Perhaps a different 


Beginning Microcontrollers with the MSP430