RF Immunity

Started by koksal ocal September 27, 2006

I am working on a project which contains MSP4302013 and have problem relating to radiated rf immunity. Under 10 V/m and 200 -350 MHz frequency range,the radiation caused adc error of %1. All analog inputs differential and filtered with RC LPF and Ferrite Bead-C LPF. Supply voltage 3.3 V bypassed with 10 uF and a number of small 100 nF ceramic capacitors. ADC reference voltage is internal 1.2 V.

Does anyone help and advise me about this problem?

Thanks you...

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Beginning Microcontrollers with the MSP430

Are you using a ground plane and/or shielding around circuit of interest
and/or use of coax for input wiring? What type of ferrite beads are being used
at inputs? Values of RC network? Power supply bypassed at regulator? Type
of regulator? Twisted pairs, shielded, used to conduct DC power to circuit
of interest? Would you please describe environment, both electrically and
mechanically? What is the source of radiation? Can you control? On/off?