Firmware for MSP430F2013 to support I2C

Started by January 29, 2007
I'm currently searching the coder (firmware) who has experience
with I2C bus. I am looking for firmware solutions for my prototype
that will be used in manufacturing testing for I2C LED Modules. Each
module contains six of TPIC2810 LED Driver chips with Address from
1100000X to 1100101X. All of 8 outputs for each LED Driver are loaded
with LED. I need to use LED Display Module for displaying the counters
located at MSP430F2013 Microcontroller. Each LED Display Module has
two push-buttons. Pressing on one of push-buttons will generate
interrupt for MSP430F2013 Microcontroller. PCA9542A I2C switch with
interrupt manager is used to detect the source of interruption. Each
interruption from push-buttons will update the counter by increasing
or decreasing the previous value depending on which push-button was
pressed. I2C switch is used to manage multiple-module structure on I2C

The firmware code must be written for MSP430F2013 chip from Texas
Instruments. MSP430F2013 chip is part of eZ430-F2013, a USB stick-
based full emulation and development tool from Texas Instruments. I am
going to supply with schematics, algorithms and block-diagrams.
The resulting code must be written in C/C++ and assembler. The
code must have commentary for each line of code. The code should be
written to be used only with tools form Texas Instruments as a part of
eZ430-F2013 KIT:
1. IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart 4.0 (Free 4KB IDE)
2. TI Code Composer Essentials Evaluation v2.0 (Free 8KB IDE) FET
3. TI Code Composer Essentials Professional v2.0 (Unlimited Code


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