Re: Baffled by CCE

Started by Ken Rowberry November 6, 2007
IAR EW crashes on me all the time. I called IAR tech support and
found them to be astonishingly useless. I presume that all my support
contract gives me is access to the latest IAR bugs, etc.

What I found, via Google search, is that you can delete the settings
directory in your project and this sometimes helps. It works for me
as the program then loads and works, for a while. Whenever IAR EW
gets in a funk, I just delete this directory and we are back to

The directory is recreated by EW. You lose a few settings when you
delete it but nothing serious and EW now runs.

After a crash, the other thing you want to do is go to Task Manager
(or Sysinternals Process Explorer!!) and kill of the zombie IAR task.
This may not be essential but I see the task labeled "IAR" and the
button labeled "Kill" and I can't resist.

--- In m..., Grant Edwards wrote:
> Since IAR EW does nothing but crash when I tell it to connect
> to the target via JTAG, I've downloaded CCE.
> Wow. I've never seen such a large steaming pile of, uh, um,
> "features.". It seems to want to have at least 20 panes open
> at all times, and damned if I can figure out how to get the
> silly thing to connect to the target and display memory.
> I've found a "memory" windows complete with a "memory
> renderings" panel, but it's empty. Almost all of the menu
> items under "run" are greyed out (I don't want to _run_
> anything, I just want to look at memory).
> Can anybody loan me a clue?
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