Re: Baffled by CCE

Started by Grant Edwards November 7, 2007
On 2007-11-06, Ken Rowberry wrote:

> IAR EW crashes on me all the time. I called IAR tech support
> and found them to be astonishingly useless. I presume that all
> my support contract gives me is access to the latest IAR bugs,
> etc.

Though EW crashed on me, at least I was able to figure out how
to tell it what I wanted to do (it just couldn't do it). With
CCE I couldn't even get that far: CCE appears to me to be a
huge, unorganized collection of cryptic features. I think I'm
too dumb for IDEs like that.

I've established to my satisfaction that none of the MSP430
tools can talk to an MSP430 unless it's the only device in the
JTAG chain. So, I'll split up the two JTAG chains and just go
back to using Linux -- where the JTAG stuff works better
(particularly the parallel port versions -- I got both USB
widgets running also, but but that took a little more effort to
set up so that the devices were recognized and managed
automatically when they were plugged in).
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