Re: Accessing Memory

Started by old_cow_yellow December 5, 2007
I had no problem accessing memory above 0x10000 in F241x and F261x.

I use KickStart and write code in assembly. With only a few
exceptions, the assembler works fine. For those few exceptions, I had
to write the code in hex instead of mnemonics.

The linker works for me too but I had to write a linker command file

I use the debugger to download to FLASH. That works too.

I also tried to use BSL to download. The only problem is, if I am not
careful, I can easily erase the calibration constants in Info-A. My
solution is, I copied Info-A and kept that in a file in my PC.

I use BSLDEMO2 in the PC. When I turn on the -x option, it handles
Flash above 0x10000 fine.

-- OCY

--- In m..., "Gad52" wrote:
> I am having some issues accessing memory above 0x10000 in the 26x
> series. Is it possible to read and write to this section of flash from
> code?
> The bootloader code that I've created has no problems loading an image
> below 0x10000 but the problem occurs when the image size increases and
> the code needs to be placed in the upper region. (as prescribed in the
> xcl sheet) The access i am using for reading and writing to flash is a
> data pointer that is 16 bits. I can't seem to figure out a way to
> define a 32 bit sized pointer that will reach that far in flash. There
> is a little note in the user guide that mentions code pointers that are
> 32 bits in size but I couldn't find enough hints to do this. (is this a
> C thing or an IAR thing?)
> Any suggestions?

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