Error in IAR compiler file

Started by Mike Raines August 11, 2008
Probably no one is still using the 337A chips anymore, but since I've
been bitten twice by this bug, I'll mention it in hopes of helping
someone else. About 6 months ago, while migrating one of our legacy
programs to the IAR v4.10a compiler, I could not get the serial
communications to work. The User's manual shows module enable 2 SFR
at address 0x005. The IAR-furnished file io430x33x.h, in the union
ME2, sets the address at 0x004. Once I changed the address in the .h
file to 0x005, life was good. Just last week, I had to make a minor
change to the program and the serial comms stopped working again.
Today at lunch, I remembered that we just upgraded to v4.11. Guess
what, the upgrade had reinstated the erroneous file. And people
wonder why software programmers drink!
Mike Raines

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