implementing a simple SBW within a MSP430F54xx

Started by mad_as_mas June 23, 2013
I'm looking for some Simple example code that implements the SBW interface. Something that works on two dev boards. I already have the TI code that goes with slau320 app note but I can't get it to work...

I have a project that has a MSP 54xx and a MSP430AFE2xx. I was told by TI there was a software example and tech note slau320 that I could use to program the 2xx with the 54xx. Unfortunately this is not a "software" example and that it requires a replicator board with some bidirectional hardware ICs (sn74xx45). currently I have two Texas instrument development boards, one for each processor and no extra hardware. I have traced through the replicator hardware reference and determined how the port 5 pins are brought out to the JTAG header but when I interconnect the two boards I am unable to successfully program the 2xx chip. I've tried all 3 modes [jtag, sbwjtag, and sbw] without any success. (the call that gets JTAG ID fails)

I believe these bidirectional chips are to blame as I see the code is changing their direction as it runs I hope to remove all of the external hardware that the replicator project has and uses. I see on TI's forum that someone "John" was able to use a pic part to program his target without the bidirectional chips. Has anyone been able to do this with a MSP? I'm hoping to use the 2 wire spy by wire interface but I'm ready for anything at this point.

Thanks for any input.

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