'F1121 prototyping system

Started by leon_heller May 6, 2004
I've put a couple of pics of my 'F1121 prototyping system into the 
Photos area. Folder is 'Leon's pics'.

The application circuitry in this case is just an EEPROM and LED, for 
testing some software I'm developing for a client.

Both boards are single-sided and home-made in the kitchen sink, hence 
the unusual arrangement with the components on the underside.

I forgot to allow for right angle connectors when designing the PCBs, 
hence the untidy construction. I also chopped off one track when 
exposing the artwork, hence the blue wire.

If anyone is interested in this concept, I could redesign it for 
proper DS/PTH PCBs and get some boards fabricated professionally. As 
it stands, it's quite suitable for my own projects.


Beginning Microcontrollers with the MSP430

I've designed a proper double-sided PTH PCB for the 'F1121 system I 
mentioned recently, and am getting some prototype boards made. PCB 
layout is in my album in the Photos area.

If anyone is interested in this project and would like some PCBs, 
please get in touch.


I've received a couple of prototype PCBs for the MCU board, and built 
one of them. A pic has been uploaded: Photos>Leon's pics>'F1121 Proto

The board works OK.

There was a minor cock-up with the PCB: the supplier completely 
covered the underside with solder mask, so it had to be scraped off 
the pads. I'm getting two replacement boards and will give the second 
faulty board to the first person who requests it. It doesn't take 
long to scape the resist off the pads, I used a pan scourer.