ICD2 Busy and Hung

Started by scottmack1 June 27, 2007
I am having some kind of problem with the communications to the
ICD2. When I start MPLAB IDE v7.60 with the ICD2 plugged in my
computer's USB port and the ICD2 plugged into my pcb (PIC16F887), it
connects OK, reads ICD Product ID, runs the ICD self test, passed,
says MPLAB ICD2 Ready but continues to have the Busy led on the ICD2
blinking. If I click in the program window or around on the
toolbars, I will get no response except that "(Not Responding)"
indication added to the MPLAB IDE window title bar. If I pull the
plug to my target pcb, I will get the Busy led to go out, I can
click on 'Reconnect to ICD2', and now the IDE will start responding
to me so I can start working.

If I make a couple program changes and Build All, everything will
seem OK but I end up with it hung again. The compile was fine,
erase, program, verify, and even ICD2 Ready message appears. It is
not ready, however, because the Busy led is on again and the IDE
window is hung. I have the hour glass cursor. Again, I unplug the
programming cable to my pcb, the Busy led goes out, I get control
back and I can run the program. I do get the message "ICD0031:API:
Framing error" and some others but after Reconnecting I can now do
the regular interactive debug commands. I also see a lot
of "ICD0116:MPLAB ICD 2 is busy".

Any ideas on what is causing the hang up that seems to be between
the ICD2 and my pcb?