icd2 debugger with pic16f877a

Started by January 6, 2009
I use pic16f877a with 33pf and a MPLAB ICD2 LE incircuit debugger to program the controller. But iam unable to debug. The message I receive is " UNABLE TO ENTER DEBUG MODE". But Iam able to program the ic and run it outside.

Before this I was using PIC16LF877A where i was able to debug in real time. But now this particular ic is not available. What may be the reason for this problem. Can a pic16f877a enter the debug mode with icd2le?
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My friend the problem is the debbug mode...

You must put one crystal oscilator in hs mode, wdt off, cp off...

In this normal mode you can debbug the pic, follow the instrucctions
in the error display.

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