CCS PCM C Compiler (Older version 3.245) & PIC16F887

Started by Jeff Cooper February 20, 2009
My CCS C compiler (PCM) is old enough to not have a 16f887.h include
file but I was wanting to try that chip. I emailed CCS tech support
asking if they had a 16f887.h but they said "You will need a version
4 compiler to use the 887 chip."

I find that hard to believe if, in fact, the PIC16F887 is a true
PIC16F family part with classic PIC16F peripherals. So I have that
question in to them.

My question here is, can I clone/tweak an existing 16fxxx.h file and
expect at least basic, if not full operation with my CCS PCM C
compiler v3.245?

Comparing the PIC16F887 to the PIC16F877A on the Microchip site,
shows only that the PIC16F887 has self-write, 8MHz & 32KHz internal
osc., & 6 more A/D channels. There may be other differences too fine
to note on the Microchip 8-bit product selection webpage.

I don't have a PIC16F887 yet so I thought I'd ask here. Maybe MPLAB
will let me use the HiTech PICC-Lite compiler but I like the features
in my CCS compiler if, indeed, I can use it.

Coop, AA1WW