Started by newpic503 May 1, 2009
Hello to all members fm newbie.
PIC16F819 with MPLAB 8.20 is what I'm using. Simulating switch closures to
PortA & PortB with MPLAB. TRIS & ADCON1 SFR are correct for digital inputs.
WATCH Window shows PORTB0 thru PORTB6 jist fine.
Watch window does NOT view RB7- It's As if it does not exist. Why ?
Is there another SFR to deal with. Is there a "gremlin" in MPLAB-SIM ?
All my assy code simulates well with this one exception. PORTB in the
WATCH window looks like this:
Update Symbol
Address Name Value Hex
006 -PORTB 0x00
006 RB0 0x00 0x00
006 RB1 0x00 0x00
006 RB2 0x00 0x00
006 RB3 0x00 0x00
006 RB4 0x00 0x00
006 RB5 0x00 0x00
006 RB6 0x00 0x00

There is no RB7 listed.
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Bill Harris-Riverside, CA