Help me

Started by rehanpk000001 July 14, 2003
Brother! I am dioing final year project using PIC16F876
I have downloaded MPLAB v6.3 from .I have also

downloaded HITECH PICC compiler(demo version).I am tring since long
time to simmulate my C code on MPLAB(with HT PICC),But unable to do

I require ur help in doing this,if possible. I need C compiler,
which may work with my simmulator(MPLAB) for PIC16F876. Kindly send

me(C compiler supported by MPLAB v6.3) in zipped form or some link
for free download, help me,bcz I am a student and can't buy it

Note:Only C compiler must support PIC16F876

Inform me as early as possible,Waiting for ur respose,