LCD Display identification GWMSB877/A

Started by Chas Douvier July 14, 2003
I came into a good number of backlite 2x16 LCD Displays. The problem
is I can not tell what type they are.

It's a 2x16 and 5x10 char size. The only part number (found 3 times
on the PCB is GWMSB877/A . The part number doesn't come close to
anything when I did searches, I also visited a number of mfg.
websites to see if anyone had like a "GWM" series or something.
Nothing found. These are great lookking LCDs and I don't want to
throw them away.

The other markings are 2000.12.20 (date stamp i would imagine)

and a oval symbol with LCD letters inside.

The controller is the type you find inside of a calculator where its
just an expoxy blob .. no numbers.

Last of all it's a 16 pin SIP device

Thank you for any help, any tips would be helpful.