PWM output and FAST pic to pic messages

Started by holopoint.rm July 31, 2003
Hey guys.
I'm building a two wheeled balancing robot.
I have a ADXL202 which outputs PWM
I have an h-bridge with PWM input.
Make that two PWM inputs, one for each motor.
The project is currently running on a PIC18F452
Whats the best way to output PWM ?
Whats the best way to input PWM ?
Can both run on the same pic without interfering with
each other ?

I thought about splitting the tasks to severals PICs.
One to handle the tilt sensors (one ADXL202 and one Gyro)
and to output the data to the main PIC.
but this has to be done really fast, and many times a second.
Will serial comm do ?
Any other way, IC2 maybe ?

Any input is welcome.
Shachar Weis.