Need help with MC C18 Compiler

Started by Raul Lucientes September 1, 2003
Hi everybody ....

Im trying to compile (with Microchip C18 compiler) in my MPLAB 6.0 IDE an
easy program for the PIC18F258 target, also Im using the PICDEM 2 Plus board
for testing my develop, My source code is compile without errros and also is
linked correctly, once I programmed the device Im trying debug the program
but for my surprise any breakpoint in my "main" function is achived, I try
to debug the code "step by step" and in the start-up-code when call to
"main()" function nothing occurs and follows with the next instruction.

Perhaps there was something wrong in my "main()" function ... ??

Please any suggestion was very wellcomed.

Best Regards,