PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit and the 16F676 Device

Started by K_Storch September 24, 2003

i get same day's bevore the new PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit and now i have a Problem with the Hi Tech PICC light compiler.

I like to use the PIC16F676 but the PICC light does not support this controller.

When im flashing the demoprogram written for a 12F676 device into a 16F676 it works well.

Now my question:

Is anybody here in the group with the same problem who solved that problem ?

I think there are two way to solve it.

1. to modifikat the headerfile for the 12F676 device or to build

2. a completely new header for the 16F676.

Have anyone of you made a new header file for a other pic-controller and it works with the PICC light or are there problems ??

cu. Klaus