to burt from electromechy1

Started by shaunundergrad October 2, 2003
hi burt,
thanx for the reply, however i solved the problems i was having and
moved onto adc and comparators etc, etc., with a LOT of help from
people in this group even managed a crude pwm ouput at just under
1khz. moved onto the 18fl452 and will probably need help soon, so i
might be begging for info later. once again cheers

best regards


01.giftanks for you.

Hi, there is a misunderstand about what I wrote,I meant "PLC"but I wrongly wrote "PIC".
PLC means:"Programing Logic Control" & it was what i needed information about.BUT not any more!The problem is gone for now,but thanks for all your attention about my request.
For now I need information about "ASI"net,for logo device.Take special care of THIS  matter please!
                                                                                      thank you inadvance