WARP13, RX28 firmware and 12C508 MPLAB = bad combo

Started by Dennis Clark October 14, 2003
Hi all,

Has anyone else experienced the problem that the new RX28 WARP13a
firmware will not read/write/verify a 12C508a chip in MPLAB? I can
get the WARP13.exe software to properly read/write the 12C508a, but
not from MPLAB. Is there something else that I have to tell MPLAB
(vers. 5.7, latest) to do? On the bright side, at least now I can
program the 12F675 and 12F629 directly from within MPLAB, which I
couldn't do before RX28!

Any comments or commiseration is appreciated.
* Dennis Clark
* "Programming and Customizing the OOPic Microcontroller" Mcgraw-Hill