PIC16 ok with Tait, PIC18 not

Started by Karlo Campos October 23, 2003
Had the programmer working already. However, it can't program the
PIC18's (PIC18F448 & 458). It did good with PIC16F877.
I used Tait's Classic Programmer and IC Prog as the software with IO
drivers in WinXP (did some tweaking though).

I tried reading a correctly-programmed PIC18F458, but it shows FFFF
(or Blank). Similar problem I had recently. There are instances that
the EEPROM data have certain values (that I consider meaningless)
scattered around the memory map, but the PIC is blank!

I tried programming several blank PIC18F458's and 448'. Still shows
the same result.

What do you think is the problem?
Is it the PIC (I tried several PIC18's)?
Is it the hardware (this is unlikely to be the problem, it worked
with the PIC16F877)?
Is it software (but some claim IC-Prog work well with PIC18's)?
Or do you think its better to buy a commercial-grade programmer like
EPIC Plus?