I2C core for Altera, Xilinx and PLDs in Verilog, VHDL, Xilinx (ROBOTICS)

Started by eileen_carlson2002 April 10, 2002
I do alot of robotics as a hobby and find I2C-bus is the simplest
interface to alot of my electronics at the far ends. Mostly because
of the two wire interface required for I2C bus is so simple and
flexible in robotics design.

Beings Im a FPGA designer I wanted to implement a
microprocessor/slave I2c parts with a small PLD to my robotics
design. The nice thing about PLD interface to my I2C parts is that
it keeps the microcontroller from being overly bogged down! Now here
is the deal of the century that whacked off about two weeks off my
schedule designing the Altera Code for only $50.00. The great thing
about the product was that unlike alot of the other I2C cores I tried
the darn thing fit in an already 90% full Altera 7256 and worked
great in interfacing to the slave PLD devices. This is the kind of
core you can put in the smallest Xilinx or Altera family PLD and have
a cheap interface from any microprocessor-microcontroller to all your
I2C slave parts through simple registers.

The great part is that Im a consulting engineer and I can reuse the
code without repaying for license fees of the I2C core I bought, and
there is no per product royalty for using it.
The link to the company if you want to buy the I2C Core is: