CCP2 not behaving

Started by Jim Shelton February 17, 2004
Hello all,

Im using the PIC X876 microcontroller with the CCS Compiler. Im
trying to get the CCP2 module to do a CLR_ON_MATCH on the CCP2 pin.

Here is my setup:

#use fast_io(C)

#define throt_out PIN_C1

SET_TRIS_C(0b10011101); //Bit 1 is CCP2

enable_interrupts(INT_CCP2); // Ive tried not enabeling also


CCP_2 = TimeToExpire;

//Wait for ccp2 to expire and clear the ccp2 pin.

//Funny thing is, when I put output_low(throt_out) in the interrupt
//routine, everthing works fine except I have some jitter due to
//interrupt latency. Has anyone seen this, or something Im doing

Thanks in advance.