JDM Programmer "No oscilator calibration value found"

Started by miketurner772003 April 7, 2004
I'm trying to program a pic12c509 with IC Prog through a baby
programmer, but get the following message when I try to program all.

"No oscilator calibration value found do you want to use the value
from file OFFFH instead?"

Whether I click yes or no it goes through the motions of programming,
but gives me a message at the end " verify failed @address ooohi"

I believe it's a power issue with not enough power going to the JDM
programmer through the serial port, but what can I do about this?? I
read that there is a way to convert these JDM programmers to work off
of battery power, but I can't find any instructions and my soldering
skills are basic at best.