Re: SPI vs I2C

Started by languer May 1, 2004
<Hi all, this is in response to a previous thread on the same

I will like to add my $0.02, if I may.

Besides all that has already been posted I state my 'generalzation'.
IMHO, SPI is simpler for single devices, I2C is simpler for
devices with limited pin-count. OW (one-wire) is another IC-bus-
that may be considered, although (in my view) is more complex and
ties you (mostly) to Dallas/Maxim devices. Note that 'simpler' is
relative as anything else, your application will dictate your need.

One other thing for considerarion is bus speed. In general (for
the inter-IC buses discussed here) SPI devices are faster; so for
fast sampling rates on A2Ds and D2As, SPI/MICROWIRE is the first
choice (note that there are less I2Cs A2Ds, and yet fewer I2C D2As
- ever wonder why?). I2C follows, and then OW. There are tricks
to improve on this, but the physics can not be defied (three-wires
vs. two-wires vs. one-wire vs. same information being sent).

I hope this help some (clear-as-mud I think),