PIC w/ spi, i2c & rs232

Started by Andrew Ritchie February 8, 2003
Hi all

Just wondering if anyone out there could help me with a little
problem I have currently...

Basically I want to create a prototype MP3 player using a PIC16F877.
This bit is easy - there is heaps of info on the web about how to do
this. Where the trouble lies is here - I also want to add RS232
communication to the PIC, but don't seem to have a spare USART.

Basically I need three communication ports - SPI, I2C and RS232. I
have the SPI on pins C3 & C4 (interface with MultiMedia flash card
and outputs data to the MP3 decoder), and the I2C on pins C6 & C7. I
realise I2C can run on C3 & C4, however this leaves me with no SPI.

The RS-232 is for interfacing a GPS module to the PIC and debugging
via the PC - it's a long story why I want a GPS module in an MP3

Any help/hints/advice would be greatly appreciated,

Kind regards

Andrew Ritchie