interrupt called getc()

Started by sirtiffguy November 29, 2004


I've just spent a *very* long time fooling around with a rs232
asyncronous reciever on an RB interrupt. The interrupt looks
something like this:

void RxChar() // input through RB7



The fastest I can get the baud rate without getting errors is 19200
on an 11059200 Hz clock. An example is recieving A2 when in fact it
is a 44. And a 8A when in fact it is a 15 (all in hex).

Heres what i suspect:
In rs232, LSB is sent first. 0x44 = 0b01000100 0xA2 = 0b10100010
When in rs232 the order is then flipped
so 0b01000100 -> 00100010... comparing this to 0xA2 as it would
appear over a rs232 line is 01000101.

01000101 ... the A2 in reverse order (what i got)
00100010 ... the 44 in reverse order (what i expected)

It looks rather simple to fix (just shift it right and throw on a
zero), but is there a better way to fix this problem without
creating my own getc()? Im not sure what would happen if the rs232
value had a leading 1, ie 10110101... probably blow up. BTW: the 15
and 8A works the exact same way.

I'm also thinking that if i were to increase my clock speed (while
keeping it a nice multiple of 9600) then that might also remedy the