USB project

Started by Unknown February 18, 2005
... I am about to convert an existing 16F873 based RS-232 project to an 18F2550 based USB implementation ... at best I have minimal assembly skills for the 16 series devices but, as it is a relatively small application, I think I can handle the conversion to 18 series code ... since the Microchip application code for the USB functions are written in C (which I have yet to even begin to understand), and the created object code is about six times larger than the original project, methinks I might be getting in over my head ... I expect my USB development board Monday or Tuesday, after which I will have no more excuses for delaying the project and will start to pull what little hair I have left ... any suggestions, help, collaboration, etc is welcome ... (a crash course in learning C is not likely to be productive, old dog/new tricks kind of thing) ... thanks, Jim
... feel free to contact me off list, the level of discussion is likely to get pretty basic ...