[EE] Shelf life of SMT paste solder

Started by Vic Fraenckel February 19, 2005
I would like to use SMT paste solder in syringe form for my modest PCB
construction. I understand that this stuff has a shelf life which can be
prolonged by refrigeration. My local distributer can supply this to me from
Kester, but I need to buy 5 tubes at a time. The price per tube is good, ~6
bucks/tube. I would like to know what is a practical (not theoretical)
refrigerated shelf life for this? Is there a better place to purchase it? Is
it a crazy idea?

Any enlightenment will be appreciated.



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I am using solder paste from Soldering Technology.  Bought a single syringe in Jan 2003.  Kept in fridge, and am still using it.  Put part of it in a dispensing syringe, which comes in and out of the fridge, the balance stays in the fridge all the time.  Shelf life of the paste is supposed to be 6 months at room temp.

Six syringes should last you a life time.