For more than a decade MikroElektronika has been one of few companies in the world that produce entire development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures. We make development boards, compilers, accessory boards, additional software and books for microcontrollers.

MikroElektronika was grounded on a simple idea. We want to provide software and hardware tools which save time of our fellow engineers and help them to get the job done quickly. We want to make electronics understandable, to bring it to ordinary people and help them improve their lives. On that journey we developed devices that are sophisticated, powerful, beautifully designed and what is most important - easy to use. We’re making it easy for hobbyists and enthusiasts, but all this combined power and elegance draws a lot of professionals as well. Many professional users and well known companies are using our products. Right now we have 48% sales to companies and professionals, around 27% to universities and high schools and the rest goes to individuals and hobbyists.

We have a passion for quality. We do what we love and love what we do. Each product is well thought of, and is always a part of the bigger picture where the user is the center of attention.


Touch Key 4 click - capacitive touch sensor Click™ board

Another amazing capacitive sensing Click board™ enters the scene - Touch Key 4 click.  Touch Key 4 click Touch Key 4 click is a capacitive touch sensing Click board™, with the advanced touc [...]

Posted 9 hours ago

42% discount on 4-20 mA T click and 4-20 mA R click

It's 4.20.2018. today. We have two Click boards that go well with that date - 4-20 mA T click and 4-20 mA R click. So naturally, we are putting it on a 42% discount. The discount is valid from [...]

Posted 3 days ago

Tell your kids the micro:bit click adapter is here!

We are really excited to tell you about our newest product. Beautifully designed and efficient - micro:bit click adapter is here to teach everyone why embedded development is f [...]

Posted 3 days ago

Another third party board with a mikroBUS™ socket - ATmega4809 Xplained Pro

The ATmega4809 Xplained Pro Board is a development kit for evaluating the ATmega4809 AVR® microcontroller. The board features one mikroBUS™ socket, for Click board™ connectivity. The board is su [...]

Posted 4 days ago

UV 4 click - advanced ultraviolet sensor

No weather station is a complete success without a UV sensor. A way to know if those sun rays outside will leave sunburns, or just add to your body's vitamin D supply. UV 4 click UV 4 click is [...]

Posted 5 days ago

Barcode click - learn how to use it from our new videos

Our Click per minute series is getting more popular. It looks like everyone likes a good "Click run-down" from Bilja and Voja. So, we decided to take one special Click board, and broaden the way [...]

Posted 6 days ago

Hall Current 2 click - Accurate current measurment

Less than a week has passed, and we have another Click board™ that relays on the Hall effect. You can say that the attraction to these types of Click boards is magnetic. With that awesome joke b [...]

Posted 1 week ago

WiFi Click boards - the best guide for choosing the right one

Eleven WiFi Click boards, each one with a different module and features - it can be hard to choose the right one. That is why we have made this overview of WiFi Click boards for you. By the end [...]

Posted 1 week ago

Friday Fun: We're in a Blacklist episode

Did you see the latest episode of the Blacklist? We did, and we found a Mikroe product in it. Let's be honest, this made our Friday perfect. This Wednesday night's episode featured an [...]

Posted 1 week ago

Hall Switch click - magnetic field activated dual-relay

Are you working on a project that needs a contactless switch? Hall Switch click is available in the shop, and it will make this happen. Hall Switch click Hall Switch click is a magnetic field [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Monitor a button online with PIC Clicker - tutorial

As the field of IoT gets bigger, so does the number of examples of connecting devices to the internet, on the internet. That's an amusing, loop-like thought. But you know what else is amusing? [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Proximity 5 click - accurate and reliable proximity sensing

We plan to invade your personal space with a new Click board™, but don't worry, you can easily detect us if you use it. Proximity 5 click is there for you if you need accurate proximity and am [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Easter holiday - we are taking a short break

We wanted to let you all know that we will be taking a short break for our Easter holiday, from April 6th until April 10th. Don't worry, you can still place all your orders and they will be [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Developer's Crush: a story of 100 patents, and lectures in Vietnam

April is with us, and it's time for another post in our Developer's Crush series. Another story of success with the help of our products. We have been asking you all to share why you like using [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Thermo 7 click - accurate temperature measuring and monitoring

The temperature outside is getting warmer every day. With Easter behind us, we can only expect sunnier days. That is why we are releasing a new temperature measurement Click board™ - Thermo 7 cl [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

We have joined the ST Partner Program

We are proud to announce that we became a new member of the ST Partner Program. STMicroelectronics is a global semiconductor company, with headquarters in Geneva, S [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Buck 3 click - synchronous step-down (buck) converter

A buck converter, or a step-down converter, is a power converter that produces the output voltage smaller than the input voltage. But why exactly is it called a buck converter? Well, it's [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Easter offer - Last minute hints

The Easter egg hunt is almost over, it ends tomorrow at 12:00 CET. But that does not mean that this last wave is not exciting. Last minute hints for the Easter egg hunt That is why we have [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Spectral 3 click - multi-spectral sensing in the NIR wavelengths

With two multispectral sensing devices in the shop, Spectral click and Spectral 2 click, it's time to bring the third installment to the store as well. Spectral 3 click is the reliable and [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Barcode click - fast and easily configurable barcode scanner on a Click board™

How do you scan a barcode? It's simple, you use our Barcode click. Barcode click is compliant with a wide range of different 1D and 2D barcode protocols. Since it's equipped with a micro USB [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Easter offer - 10% OFF on everything with special discount on select products

Like every year, we have prepared a discount for Easter. In addition to the standard flat 10% discount on all products, there is a special game for all the Mikroe fans. What do we mean by [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

Spectral 2 click - multispectral color sensor

We have released Spectral click on Monday, and now it's time to release Spectral 2 click - the multispectral color sensor. Spectral 2 click provides a direct reading of six different color [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

Shuttle click and mikroBUS Shuttle review

Another great product review from This time you get the chance to read what Teodor thinks about Shuttle click and mikroBUS Shuttle. It is always easier to make a decision about [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

Spectral click - multispectral light sensing device

Color measuring technology is able to capture color information objectively. Colors are quantified and precisely defined.A person, or an object, can distinguish different colors based on the [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

IR Sense 2 click - short range infrared sensing, with low power consumption

From exploring the mysteries of the universe to controlling your TV over a remote - infrared sensing technology is everywhere. IR Sense 2 click is designed for short-range infrared sensing [...]

Posted 1 month ago