For more than a decade MikroElektronika has been one of few companies in the world that produce entire development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures. We make development boards, compilers, accessory boards, additional software and books for microcontrollers.

MikroElektronika was grounded on a simple idea. We want to provide software and hardware tools which save time of our fellow engineers and help them to get the job done quickly. We want to make electronics understandable, to bring it to ordinary people and help them improve their lives. On that journey we developed devices that are sophisticated, powerful, beautifully designed and what is most important - easy to use. We’re making it easy for hobbyists and enthusiasts, but all this combined power and elegance draws a lot of professionals as well. Many professional users and well known companies are using our products. Right now we have 48% sales to companies and professionals, around 27% to universities and high schools and the rest goes to individuals and hobbyists.

We have a passion for quality. We do what we love and love what we do. Each product is well thought of, and is always a part of the bigger picture where the user is the center of attention.


Vacuum click, an accurate pressure-sensor click board has arrived.

An easy-to-use, accurate pressure-sensor click board has arrived. The Vacuum click allows the measurement data output both as a digital and an analog signal. It uses the state-of-the-art NXP [...]

Posted 21 hours ago

CO 2 click is here.

Our brand-new CO click has arrived, bringing you the most accurate CO measurement in any given environment. Using the SPEC Sensor™ technology and advanced AFE, the CO 2 click provides h [...]

Posted 4 days ago

Say hello to our new 3D Hall 2 click.

The new product in our series of Hall-effect-based Click Boards™, 3D Hall 2 click is a super accurate, magnetic-field-sensing Click Board™, capable of sensing the magnetic field strength in thre [...]

Posted 6 days ago

AnyNet 3G-AA click - cellular to AWS gateway device

Not so long ago we have reeased with partner company Eseye our AnyNet 3G click for European region, today we have solution for North American region.AnyNet 3G click provides developers with the [...]

Posted 1 week ago

Microwave 2 click - motion range detection tool (for all of EU regions)

Microwave 2 click is an accurate and reliable short to medium range motion detection Click board™, based on a Doppler radar principle.The Doppler effect (or the Doppler shift) is the change in f [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

4D-display click - controll 4D Systems gen4 Series intelligent Display Modules

Need to develop an MCU firmware application that can interact with the graphic objects? This is what you need!4D - display click is an adapter Click board™ that offers a mikroBUS™ interface for c [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Load cell click - precise weight measurement

Load cell click is a weight measurement click which utilizes a load cell element, in order to precisely measure the weight of an object. The Load Cell click is based on the HX711, a specialized 2 [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

LightRanger 4 Click - an accurate distance measurement

If you need to control a safety area or build a contactless digital measurement device, this is a tool for you! Light Ranger 4 click is an accurate distance measurement Click board™ based on a T [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

PWR Meter click - accurate power monitoring Click board™

If you're looking for a device that is capable of  digital power monitoring and power metering in portable and automotive devices, embedded electronic applications, real time power c [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

SigFox 3 click - wide area coverage IoT network

A couple of days ago, we released SigFox Click board™ (for EU region). Today's we're releasing SigFox 3 Click board™ which is for Japan (RZ3).The device is equipped with the SN10-13 Sigfox™ certi [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

LTE IoT click - embedded M2M and LTE IoT solutions

Today we present you another Click board™ for smart metering, IoT networking, remote monitoring automation and control, and other IoT/M2M application which rely on a cellular network connection. [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

PWR Meter 2 click - compact and accurate power monitoring Click board™

If you're looking for a device that is capable of measuring and monitoring voltage up to 24V and current up to 5A, look no further. PWR Meter 2 Click board™ is an ideal solution for you. This dev [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

Accel 5 click - linear motion and gravitational force measurement

Accel 5 click can be used wherever a reliable detection of the acceleration-related events is needed: smart home applications, IoT applications, drop detection for warranty logging, power [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

Mikroelektronika internship story of a Cambridge's engineering student

Today we would like to present Katarina Cimesa. A Serbian girl who just finished 1st year of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. A couple of years ago, as a student of Belgrade [...]

Posted 1 month ago

SigFox 2 click - wide area coverage IoT network

A couple of days ago, we released SigFox Click board™ (for EU region). Today's we're releasing SigFox 2 Click board™ which is for North America and Asia (RZ2 and RZ4).The device is equipped with [...]

Posted 1 month ago

Let's make project - IR Grid Click – Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging IR Grid click is a powerful thermal imaging sensor which gathers numerical values of the temperature in its surroundings (where it is aimed at) in the form of a 16x4 matrix.  [...]

Posted 1 month ago

SigFox click - access distant base stations

SigFox Click board™ offers all that is needed to integrate a Sigfox network connectivity into a design. The device is equipped with the SM 10-11 Sigfox™ certified module, manufactured by InnoC [...]

Posted 1 month ago

How 500 Click boards™ milestone was celebrated

Last week we celebrated 500 Click boards™ milestone. From the very moment you entered the company, you could see that it's not like any other day. The festive atmosphere could be felt in the ai [...]

Posted 1 month ago

PWM 2 click - compact 48-Channel LED driver

Today's Click board™ is an ideal solution for driving LEDs. Although it is targeted toward driving LEDs, the Click board™ can also be used for other purposes, such as the motor control, indu [...]

Posted 1 month ago

LTE IoT 2 Click - embedded LTE IoT communication solution

Today, we present you a Click board™ for smart metering, IoT networking, remote monitoring automation and control, and other IoT / M2M applications which rely on a cellular network con [...]

Posted 1 month ago

One more milestone achieved - 500 Click boards™

Today is a day we are celebrating another milestone. We are proud to announce that 500th click board™ is brought to light. Say hello to Smart Buck click. A little bit of history First click boa [...]

Posted 1 month ago

Smart Buck click - step-down DC/DC converter and regulator

Smart Buck click board™ is 500th click board in our portfolio. Another milestone is reached, and we're looking forward to future ones. Smart Buck can be used to digitally convert input voltage si [...]

Posted 1 month ago

Click Analyzer - Powerful tool for analyzing mikroBUS™

Have you ever had a need to check a pin state on a mikroBUS™? This is your lucky day because our today's click board will help you exactly with that.Click Analyzer is a smart and powerful tool fo [...]

Posted 2 months ago

Back to school offer - specially made bundles + 10% discount on other products

The school year has already started for some and someone is getting ready for September. Getting ready for school might be a tiring process. Endless lists and expenses. We at Mikroelektronika [...]

Posted 2 months ago

Hall current 3 click - current measurement

The Hall effect was discovered by Edwin Hall in 1879. He discovered that when a conductor or semiconductor with current flowing in one direction was introduced perpendicular to a magnetic field a [...]

Posted 2 months ago