For more than a decade MikroElektronika has been one of few companies in the world that produce entire development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures. We make development boards, compilers, accessory boards, additional software and books for microcontrollers.

MikroElektronika was grounded on a simple idea. We want to provide software and hardware tools which save time of our fellow engineers and help them to get the job done quickly. We want to make electronics understandable, to bring it to ordinary people and help them improve their lives. On that journey we developed devices that are sophisticated, powerful, beautifully designed and what is most important - easy to use. Were making it easy for hobbyists and enthusiasts, but all this combined power and elegance draws a lot of professionals as well. Many professional users and well known companies are using our products. Right now we have 48% sales to companies and professionals, around 27% to universities and high schools and the rest goes to individuals and hobbyists.

We have a passion for quality. We do what we love and love what we do. Each product is well thought of, and is always a part of the bigger picture where the user is the center of attention.


Button PLAY click – capacitive touch sensor

Interactive gadgets are always great, but how many can you fit onto a Click board? The Button PLAY click is a very interesting interactive gadget and it’s made it to this click board in the f [...]

Posted 8 hours ago

AudioMUX click - sound processing with digital controls

Development of sound applications now has a new helper! The AudioMUX click is designed for selecting one of four audio input channels, adjust its frequency response and volume, and send it to [...]

Posted 3 days ago

Tilt 2 click — the joy of joystick

If you’ve ever played any video games that use consoles which you can tilt to different angles, thus navigating your racing car in the desired direction, you had dealt with a tilt s [...]

Posted 4 days ago

RMS to DC click is here

We’ve designed the RMS to DC click for converting the RMS of the input signal into a DC voltage, with a value directly readable over the I2C interface. The Click board™ is equipped with the L [...]

Posted 5 days ago

Accurate thermometer Thermo 8 click is here

The Thermo 8 click is a super accurate thermometer Click board™ with a very high typical measurement accuracy of ±0.25°C. It also has great data repeatability of ±0.0625°C. Besides measuring the [...]

Posted 6 days ago

DC MOTOR 7 click is released

The DC MOTOR 7 click is a dual brushed DC motor driving Click board™, featuring the advanced PWM chopper-type integrated DC motor driver, labeled as TB67H400AFTG. This IC can drive two brushed D [...]

Posted 1 week ago

Hall Current 4 click, perfect for measuring currents

Designed to measure relatively high currents, the Hall Current 4 click is an accurate current measuring Click board™. It has an integrated sensor - ACS70331 sensor by Allegro. It also features t [...]

Posted 1 week ago

Current 2 Click, perfect for accurate, high-side current sensing

Here’s the new current sensing click, the Current 2 click! Being an accurate current sensing Click board™, it’s suitable for a precise measurement of the current through the load. It utilizes [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Buck-Boost 3 Click - regulating voltage even when the input voltage is under 3V

We’re welcoming the Buck-Boost 3 click to our family of buck products. This Click board™ is a voltage converter/regulator capable of providing a regulated voltage of 3.3V or 5V on the output eve [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

The digital angular rate sensor click - Gyro 2 click

Gyro 2 click™ is a three-axis digital angular rate sensor which can sense the angular movement and velocity in three perpendicular axes. The click board™ is equipped with the FXAS21002C, a thr [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

The ultrasonic range detection click - Ultrasonic 2 click

We've just released an awesome ultrasonic range detection Click board™! The Ultrasonic 2 click is an ultrasonic range detection Click board™, capable of detecting both near-field and far- [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

LLC SPI click, an awesome level converter for logic signals!

The very first Click board™ this year at MikroElektronika is the LLC SPI click! The LLC SPI click is a super useful Click board™ which can be utilized as the level converter for logic sign [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Farewell to 2018, and Happy New Year!

We’ll be coming back on January 3. Until January 3 the shop is closed. Of course, you can still order from our online store (the end-of-year discount is still in effect until January 3 at 10 a [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Slider 2 click is here, a potentiometer with a high-quality mechanical slider

The Slider 2 click has arrived, and it features a high-quality, mechanical, slide-action potentiometer (also knows as the slider). In conjunction with the accurate voltage reference IC, it [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Get 10% discount on everything in the shop for the Holidays!

As the year 2018 is approaching its last days,  we wish you Happy Holidays! We are offering a 10% discount on all the products in our shop! Get 10% discount on everything in our shop We [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

ARM compilers version 6.1.0 - design and compile in one environment with capacit

The new version of the ARM compilers is here! We have several awesome changes in this version 6.1.0 of the ARM compilers. As the previous release completed the merge of Visual TFT with all [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

Knob G click, the ideal solution for building various HMI applications

The Knob G click features a combination of high-quality quadrature rotary encoder and a LED ring composed of 24 individual green LEDs. The highly advanced LED driver IC features unparalleled [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

The LED Driver 5 click has arrived – it can drive an array of high-power LEDs

The LED Driver 5 is a Click board™ capable of driving an array of high-power LEDs with constant current up to 1.5A. It features the TPS54200, a highly integrated LED driver IC embellished w [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

The Magnetic rotary click, with a magnetic field displacement sensor IC

We present you the Magnetic rotary click, a very accurate position sensing Click board™. It features the HMC1512, a magnetic field displacement sensor IC. The integrated sensor uses the two c [...]

Posted 1 month ago

All SigFox Click boards™ are now subscribed to the Sigfox network!

We have great news! From now on, all of our SigFox modules will be subscribed to the Sigfox network for a duration of one year. When you buy any of the SigFox Click boards™, you c [...]

Posted 1 month ago

NB IoT click – providing global NB connectivity

NB IoT click is a perfect choice for a wide range of IoT applications such as smart metering, bike sharing, smart parking, smart city, security and asset tracking, home appliances, agricultural [...]

Posted 1 month ago

LLC-I2C click, the level converter is here

LLC-I2C is a Click board™ which you can use as the level converter for the logic signals. The topology of this logic level conversion (LLC) circuit is perfectly suited for the bi-directional I2C [...]

Posted 1 month ago

Magnetic linear click, a very accurate position sensing Click board™

Magnetic linear click has arrived. It utilizes the HMC1501, the linear magnetic displacement sensor IC. The integrated sensor uses a single, saturated-mode Wheatstone bridge. Because it consists [...]

Posted 1 month ago

MikroE has won the Employer of the Year 2018 award

We are proud to announce that MikroE has won the Employer of the Year 2018 by the Association of Managers. At a gala evening yesterday we have received the prize in the Best Employer for 2018 [...]

Posted 1 month ago

ECG 3 click – a complete solution for the development of ECG

ECG 3 click is an ideal solution for the development of heart rate monitoring and fitness applications, as well as for the ECG bio-authentication, and similar [...]

Posted 1 month ago