For more than a decade MikroElektronika has been one of few companies in the world that produce entire development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures. We make development boards, compilers, accessory boards, additional software and books for microcontrollers.

MikroElektronika was grounded on a simple idea. We want to provide software and hardware tools which save time of our fellow engineers and help them to get the job done quickly. We want to make electronics understandable, to bring it to ordinary people and help them improve their lives. On that journey we developed devices that are sophisticated, powerful, beautifully designed and what is most important - easy to use. We’re making it easy for hobbyists and enthusiasts, but all this combined power and elegance draws a lot of professionals as well. Many professional users and well known companies are using our products. Right now we have 48% sales to companies and professionals, around 27% to universities and high schools and the rest goes to individuals and hobbyists.

We have a passion for quality. We do what we love and love what we do. Each product is well thought of, and is always a part of the bigger picture where the user is the center of attention.


13% discount on ALL PRODUCTS - Not so scary Friday

The belief that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day is believed to stem from two fears. The fear of 13 being an unlucky number and the fear of Fridays. We at Mikroelektronika want to make sure [...]

Posted 3 days ago

Alcohol 2 click - accurate ethanol gas sensor

If you're looking for an ideal product for your alcohol breathalyzer application, alcohol breath tester or atmospheric ethanol presence detection application look no further. Alcohol 2 click is [...]

Posted 3 days ago

BUCK 7 click - programmed reduction of the input voltage

Do you need a reliable power source for your application? If you do, Buck 7 click board might be the ideal solution for you. Features such as the low dissipation due to high efficiency, three d [...]

Posted 4 days ago

Temp&Hum 2 Click - reliable humidity and temperature measurements

Our new Temp&Hum 2 click is a perfect choice for various consumer and industry related applications. Some of the usages could be weather stations, thermostats and humidistats, microenvironment [...]

Posted 5 days ago

Moisture click - reliable measurement of the capacitive properties of the skin

Today, click collection is richer for one more board. This time we present you Moisture click. This board accurately and precisely measures the capacitive properties of the skin, in order to [...]

Posted 6 days ago

Tester click - diagnostic tool on the mikroBUS™ socket

Today we present you a simple, but yet, very useful device. If you ever struggled with complicated measurement equipment before, we guarantee that you'll adore our new click board. Tester c [...]

Posted 7 days ago

Cap Touch 2 click - capacitive touch sensing

Do you need an click board with capacitive buttons? We have a very elegant solution for you. Cap Touch 2 click is a capacitive touch sensing device, with the advanced touch/proximity sensor IC, [...]

Posted 1 week ago

RGB Driver click - drive LED fixtures and stripes

This device can be used to drive LED fixtures and stripes and similar LED installations which demand higher voltages and current than regular RGB LED. It allows you to use an external power su [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

4th of July special offer - 10% off on all products

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! 242 years ago on this day, an event of massive historical significance happened! The new nation, United States of America was born by declaring independence from [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Clock Gen 2 click - clock signal generator

Have you ever built an application and were not able to switch the main MCU because another one was not equipped with clock signal generator? You can forget about this problem with our new click [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

AudioAmp 2 click - highly efficient audio amplifier

Do you need twice the voltage swing on the output or four times more power? Great! We have just the product for you - AudioAmp 2 click™  AudioAmp 2 click The main active component of this Cli [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Color 7 click - Excellent for Ambient Light Sensing

If you're looking for a color sensing device with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range look no further. You will be happy when we tell you that Color 7 click™ works great behind dark inked gla [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Accel 6 click - low power acceleration sensor

What do missiles and notebooks have in common?  They both need accelerometers to work properly. Calculate the change in velocity, divide it by time, and you get acceleration. So, every time you [...]

Posted 2 weeks ago

Air quality 5 click - detect pollution, carbon monoxide, methane, and more

Our newest Click board™ can keep you safe in harsh environments. Think of it as a canary the miners used in the last century. Air quality 5 click will let you know if the level of pollution in t [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

USB UART 3 click - feature-rich USB to UART interface

If you need a USB to UART interface that will help you shorten the development time, USB UART 3 click is available in the shop, and ready. USB UART 3 click USB UART 3 click carries the CP2102N [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

IR Grid click - thermal imaging sensor

The light that we humans can see is just one type of light in this big universe. For example, we can't see infrared light. But certain animals and our new Click board can. If you want to build [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

Color 6 click - XYZ true color sensor

The perception of color can be strange. Did you know that there is a tribe in Namibia that can't distinguish blue from green? There's even evidence that humans didn't actually see the color blue [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

VREG 2 click - voltage regulation

It's steady, it's reliable, it will regulate the voltage on your project - VREG 2 click is available in the shop. VREG 2 click VREG 2 click is our latest voltage regulation Click board™. With i [...]

Posted 3 weeks ago

What does it take to build a successful business?

What does it take to build a successful business in the embedded industry? If you are a developer or manager (or both) you probably have this topic on your mind. That is why we are having an [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

The Summer Sale brings hot discounts your way

Summer is in full swing, the World Cup has started, and everyone is either going on holiday or dreaming of one. That is why we want to help you to save money for those beach cocktails, and [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

Magneto 5 click - a 3-axis magnetic sensor

Some animals can sense the Earth's magnetic field (it's called magnetoreception), and so can our new Click board™ - Magneto 5 click. Magneto 5 click The main component on Magneto 5 click i [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

RoadMap update for FT90x compilers

Great news for all FT90x compiler fans - we've got a Roadmap update that will make your day. On Tuesday, July 31, the new version of mikroC, mikroBasic, and mikroPascal for FT90x will be [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

2x30W Amp click - class-D audio amplifier

Small in size, great in power. We have a new class-D audio amplifier Click board, perfect for battery powered active speakers. Compared with A and AB class audio amplifiers, class D [...]

Posted 4 weeks ago

Efficient charging and monitoring of Li-Po batteries - Charger 2 click

They power toys, computers, phones, drones, and video game consoles, among many things - Li-Polymer batteries are as common today, as AAA batteries were 15 years ago. Our new Click board is [...]

Posted 1 month ago

Proximity 6 click - accurate and reliable proximity detection

Control devices by moving your hands, without physical contact, and allow yourself to feel like Tony Stark. Proximity 6 click is available in the shop, and it will easily make this [...]

Posted 1 month ago