From our base in the UK Midlands, we provide support for organisations across the world that need to create software for real-time embedded systems that are safe, reliable and secure.

Our solutions combine ‘Time Triggered‘ (TT) architectures with state-of-the-art run-time monitoring.

On this page we provide information about our company and the team behind it.

Our company name is pronounced “Safety Systems”.



Who's behind SafeTTy Systems – and where did the company come from?

The team at SafeTTy Systems Ltd is led by Dr Michael J. Pont CEng.

Michael was awarded a BSc degree (in Electronics and Electrical Engineering) by the University of Glasgow (UK) and a PhD (in Computer Science) by the University of Southampton (UK). He is the author of several successful books and more than 100 technical papers: he is named inventor / co-inventor on a number of patents and patent applications.

Michael has been working in the field of time-triggered (TT) embedded systems for more than 20 years. He has helped numerous companies to create successful TT designs. Many of these designs have been produced in compliance with international safety standards and guidelines (including IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and DO-178).

Michael began this work on TT systems in the academic sector, latterly as Professor of Embedded Systems Engineering at the University of Leicester (UK). In Leicester, Michael established the Embedded Systems Laboratory, invented the PTTES “pattern language”, and led teams that developed the “NISA” safety agent, and the first single- & multi-core processors that were designed specifically to run TT software. During his time with the University of Leicester, Michael supervised more than 20 successful PhD projects.

In order to commercialise some of the above technology, Michael founded and served as CEO of the University of Leicester “spin out” company TTE Systems Ltd. “TTE” made its first sales in 2008 and – by 2012 – had reached a “break even” position, with an annual turnover of some £800k. The company achieved this through the efforts of an exceptional team and by working with a number of key UK and international companies.

A document describing the impact of some of the work carried out by TTE (including 3 customer success stories) in available here.

At the end of 2013, Michael left the university sector, assembled a small (but highly experienced) team and founded SafeTTy Systems.

“SafeTTy” subsequently acquired the IP owned by TTE.empty_space


What are your plans for the company?

At present, we are executing an initial three-year “Development and Growth Plan” (DAGP).

In 2014, we developed some new technology and filed the related patents. We also launched the SafeTTy Certified™ programme, created some new training courses and published our first book.

In 2015, we were involved in a number of new customer engagements. We also prototyped some further technology and began work on a second key book.

So far in 2016, we've released a comprehensive suite of new TT platforms (CorrelaTTor® CorrelaTTor+, DuplicaTTor® and WarranTTor®), and run our first stand at Embedded World (in February). We've also had our first two patents granted (in March).

Are you seeking investment?

Our plan has been to grow SafeTTy Systems organically (through sales). This approach is working well and we are not – therefore – seeking investment at this time.

What is your exit strategy?

We are a small company with some great technology. We expect (in due course) to be acquired by a larger organisation.



Who are your partners?

We are an ARM® Partner.

We are a member of the AdaCore® Tool Partners programme.

We are a members of the NMI.

We are currently in the process of establishing links with a number of International Delivery Partners, Semiconductor Partners and Education Partners: please refer to our Partners page for further information.


What technology do you own?

We have developed (and have been granted two patents for) technology that is licensed to customers through our ReliabiliTTy® programme.



What trademarks do you own?

AcquisiTTor, ConnecTTor, CorrelaTTor, DisrupTTor, DuplicaTTor, MoniTTor, PredicTTor, RapidiTTy, ReliabiliTTy, SafeTTy, SafeTTy Certified, SafeTTy Systems, TriplicaTTor, TTE and WarranTTor are registered trademarks or trademarks of SafeTTy Systems Ltd in the UK and other countries.

All other tradmarks and registered trademarks mentioned on this WWW site are acknowledged.


Do you have any staff vacancies?

Please see our vacancies page for information.



What is your Company Number?

SafeTTy Systems Ltd has Company Number 08718423.


What is your VAT Registration Number?

SafeTTy Systems Ltd has VAT Registration Number GB 171 7482 94.


Where is your Registered Office?

SafeTTy Systems Ltd, Registered Office, 15 Nether End, Great Dalby, Leicestershire, UK, LE14 2EY.