Founded in 2002, Abelon Systems is a leading UK-based embedded systems company, specialising in software and hardware solutions across major business sectors. 

We only employ the best engineering talent and it's our combination of outstanding expertise, product quality and dedication that sets us apart from other embedded systems providers.

"Our ability to adapt to constantly changing technologies enables us to combine and apply innovative solutions for clients."

Abelon's access to cutting edge technology means that we can implement a vast range of systems - from off-the-shelf Single Board Computer Products to custom-application designs with FPGA-based hardware and real-time software.  No project is too great or complex.   

Core Services:

  • Communications Technology
  • Data Acquisition and Process Control
  • Database Applications & Solutions
  • Web-enabled Applications
  • Mobile solutions
  • Project Management & Consultancy

Due to the varying nature of customer needs, we are comfortable managing and delivering entire projects or working in partnership with internal experts to enhance the overall outcome.

Core Abilities:

  • Design of system architecture and embedded applications
  • Specify and design embedded hardware
  • Develop board support packages and necessary device drivers
  • Design and develop WAN and LAN communications
  • Back-end web and database system development
  • Integration of embedded system with wider product 

Why Choose Abelon?

  • Our foundations are built on experience, quality, trust, reliability - which leads to clients recommending us on an ongoing basis
  • Abelon supply partners are carefully checked and selected according to the above criteria
  • We guarantee 100% commitment to a project from inception to completion
  • All work is delivered under warranty for your protection and peace of mind
  • Contracts, terms and conditions are tailored to suit your company's needs
  • We are proficient at leading projects in a standalone capacity or working in partnership alongside your engineering experts
  • We believe in sharing engineering intelligence and fostering relationships to benefit you in the long term
  • Abelon is highly experienced in project management and rescue

If you would like to discuss your project needs, please contact us today.