The Embedded Software Experts

  • Accelerating product innovation
  • Decreasing time to market and costs
  • Drastically improving quality and reliability
  • Creating tomorrows thought leaders
The Beningo Embedded Group delivers all of these transformational outcomes to businesses around the world. We help our clients become successful technological leaders in their fields through embedded software design and development, consulting, business strategy, mentoring and technical education.

Our teams expertise and experience in product development, firmware, embedded software, safety critical systems and other embedded system related areas ensures our clients are able to successfully launch their product faster and more reliably than their competitors. Helping businesses, teams and individuals build innovative and world changing embedded systems is our passion and we strive to exceed our clients expectations.

We focus on innovative and robust techniques of designing and building embedded software that transform businesses into real success stories.

Our team specializes in the following embedded software solutions:

  • Architecting embedded software for scalability and reuse that decrease overall system development and maintenance costs.
  • Bootloader strategies, development and tool kits to securely and robustly update the firmware of an embedded system in the field.
  • Our expert firmware analysis helps our clients to improve the quality and reliability of their products to ensure the smallest probability of bugs and faults.
  • Using design cycle audits to identify weak spots and efficiency issues with their own embedded software development processes. Our recommendations accelerate time-to-market, improve the robustness of our clients products and decrease development costs.
  • Real-time embedded systems in resource constrained environments such as with an ARM Cortex-M class of microcontroller using bare metal and real-time operating systems (RTOS).
  • Optimizing software for performance, memory footprint and energy usage. Our unique experience working with wearable devices makes us a leading expert in battery powered embedded systems.
  • Our technical education programs can take an entry level engineer, maker or even a seasoned engineer and rapidly transform them into an embedded software expert.

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