AtollicĀ® was founded in 2003 by an experienced management team. The founders have extensive experience as managers and software developers from the embedded tools, automotive and aerospace industries.

During the early years of Atollic they were working as consultants for various segments. They quickly realized that the embedded software tools were lagging far behind the needs of the developers. Developers were struggling with ever increasing complexity of the products, while the development tools were focusing on solving the development needs of the past.

The TrueSTUDIO IDE was born out of the desire to bring a new generation of tools to ARM developers that would be scalable to meet the needs of individual developers and large development teams: tools that would assist developers in writing quality code and in managing their projects using best practices; tools that would give developers new insights into their systems and help them find and fix bugs faster.


Advanced development and debugging of ARMĀ®-based devices

In this whitepaper you will learn how to Develop high-quality software for ARM devices Get greater visibility into your running system without adding overhead Find bugs faster with advanced ARM Cortex debug capabilities View the state of RTOS objects at breakpoints Improve your software quality And much more!