Wireless Connectivity Options for Embedded Systems

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The goal of this #faq thread is to have a discussion on the many different wireless connectivity options for Embedded Systems.

Let's start, if you don't mind, with a crowd-sourcing experiment by working together on the editing of a standards' table.

This table is in a google docs and if I did setup the document properly, you should be able to edit it.

Do you know a wireless connectivity standard very well that is not listed yet?  If you do, please take a minute to add it to the table.

If you feel strongly about a change, go for it.  Want to add a column that you think would make the table more complete and useful?  Go for it.  Want to modify something that you are convinced is wrong?  Give it a shot and let's see where this leads. 

And please feel free to discuss in this thread the pros and cons of the different wireless technologies, which one(s) you like to work with, project examples, how to select a technology for a project, etc.

Best case scenario, we will end up with a useful and insightful table and thread about the different wireless connectivity options for Embedded Systems.  If the experiment fails - no big deal.  

Thanks in advance for any contribution you will make to the table and the discussion!

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Reply by KocsonyaMarch 12, 2020

I would add a column regarding the access to the protocol. 802.15.4 or BTLE are open standards but for example IQMESH has no publicly available protocol documentation (at least I couldn't find one), so either you buy into their ecosystem or you use something else.

That's quite important if your design constraints force you to exclude closed standards (an oxymoron, really) and dependence on a (possibly single) vendor.