Interface to program STM8 ?

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I have STM8 based hardware design. But I am not able to decide what interface I should  expose to program it with Arduino. It has UART, SPI, etc interfaces.

What pins I should connect ST/Link SWIM to program it through Arduino.

Any suggestions 

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Reply by iansJune 16, 2020

Oh, and just to answer your question about the SWIM interface pins, you need to connect VCC, GND, NRST and SWIM (SWIM pin will vary with package, maybe PA0, PD1, etc. - check the datasheet for the MCU in your design)

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Reply by DilbertoJune 16, 2020

Hi, rp346!

I'm not sure if I've understood what you mean.

Would you like to develop software for your STM8 board using Arduino IDE or to build a STM8 programmer to flash your STM8 on your board?

Best regards!

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Reply by iansJune 16, 2020

Programming an STM8 is usually though the ST/Link SWIM interface - you can buy development boards that let you do this for a few dollars but I guess for a bit of fun you could design your own.

Have a look on the ST Micro web site and you should be able to find the specification.

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Reply by CustomSargeJune 16, 2020

Howdy, I'm doing projects with the STM8 series using ST Visual Development. I poked around ST, but don't see any IDE for other than Windows. You haven't said how you're writing/compiling/assembling code - if that's what you're asking. G.H. <<<)))

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Reply by iansJune 16, 2020

It's not so much the IDE that's the problem, it's the tools, the Cosmic toolchain is about the only free compiler that isn't limited and it is Windows only. I don't think GCC support STM8 so as far as I am aware there are no Linux-based tools for this MCU family

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Reply by tcfkatJune 16, 2020

Nope, SDCC (Version > 3.4; actual 4.0.2) supports STM8.

stm8flash burns them, using the cheap ST-Link V2.


SDCC: http://sdcc.sourceforge.net/

stm8flash: https://github.com/vdudouyt/stm8flash

Code samples:




and more ...

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Reply by iansJune 16, 2020

Okay, that's interesting, and raises a couple of questions:

1) does SDCC compile the ST Micro driver code without changes?

2) what debugger(s) are supported?

3) is it supported in ST Visual Developer, or is this command line only?

None of these are show stoppers but they do help if you're developing commercial software