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hackaday (@hackaday) 15 hours ago

Becoming Your Own ISP, Just for Fun

 (@Hacksterio) 10 hours ago

This fan created his own -powered Mad-Eye Moody Eyeball:


hackaday (@hackaday) 21 hours ago

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 in a GameBoy Original


CypressSemiconductor (@CypressSemi) 8 hours ago

Love , but not sure if you want to invest in one? The new DRL Simulator by lets you experie…


hackaday (@hackaday) 6 hours ago

3D Printed WiFi Reflectors Custom Designed for the Building


Make: (@make) 12 hours ago

“Trickle down espionage” is fascinating (albeit terrifying) concept, where spying devices, created by the NSA and o…


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 13 hours ago

Learn how to verify that an op amp SPICE model is accurate for use in stability analysis:


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 17 hours ago

The first MCU with 640 KB of SRAM to reach 233 points launching today… in tomorrow…

 (@Hacksterio) 9 hours ago

An old-fashioned grandather clock with modern-day electronics:


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 22 hours ago

Demonetised again!


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 23 hours ago

How does efficiency relate to ? Learn more here:


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 19 hours ago

My dual Xeon editing machine is now running Windows 10. I feel dirty, but strangely more capable.


Raspberry Pi (@Raspberry_Pi) 5 hours ago

When is next in the UK, we’re going to mug him for his shoes.


Atollic (@Atollic) 10 hours ago

Get the best FREE ARM tool - Atollic TrueSTUDIO! No code-size limitation. Download here:


Atollic (@Atollic) 7 hours ago

Top reasons why the industry standardize on , , and the


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 5 hours ago

EEVblog - Caesium Beam Frequency Standards: via


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 11 hours ago

ICYMI: Broadcom Bids $105 Billion for Qualcomm, Which Seems Likely to Decline


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 11 hours ago

How do you get the perfect turkey? Automate cooking w/ the TI kit! More here:…


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 5 hours ago

Show us your analog artistry! Enter the design contest for a chance to win thermo imaging goggles an…


Mentor Graphics ® (@mentor_graphics) 23 hours ago

PCB signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic sign off done automatically


Mentor Graphics ® (@mentor_graphics) 19 hours ago

Learn how thermal analysis enhances autonomous EV drive range and reliability


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 5 hours ago

ICYMI: Oh, no! Not another IIoT wireless technology


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 5 hours ago

ICYMI: Synthesizing Stable Microwave Signals


Altium (@altium) 4 hours ago

Here's our list of 5 PCB design guidelines that every designer should know:


MikroElektronika (@mikroel) 17 hours ago

Free shipment for orders above $200! Did you order already? Start now


Altium (@altium) 8 hours ago

Are you keeping your PCB design variants synchronized or nah?


Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) 4 hours ago

We had some local teachers over this week to talk Big Robots! They built an Arlo and some custom designs too.…


Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) 11 hours ago

The ActivityBot tutorials on Learn now support the regular ActivityBot Robot Kit and the new ActivityBot 360 Robot…


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 9 hours ago

You may be an , but are you an mgineer? Check out Maxim's mgineer blog:


Mentor Graphics ® (@mentor_graphics) 9 hours ago

Featured Job: CM Engineer - R&D/SW Engineering (Yerevan, Armenia). Details and application: