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Raspberry Pi (@Raspberry_Pi) 7 hours ago

Today is . In celebration of this glorious event, here's our Pi vs Pie poster to help you tell the d…


Arduino (@arduino) 23 hours ago

Listen to 64 floppy drives play Toto's 1982 hit "Africa:"


hackaday (@hackaday) 11 hours ago

Can a few dollars in hardware turn a HackRF into a radio direction finder? We wouldn't be asking if the answer were…


Raspberry Pi (@Raspberry_Pi) 9 hours ago

Every home should have a space window


hackaday (@hackaday) 20 hours ago

Learn to write your own language in about 25 lines of code.


Hackster Pro (@HacksterPro) 21 hours ago

Programmable liquid droplets from improve every aspect of lab work:


Hackster Pro (@HacksterPro) 21 hours ago

SuperB is an open source, -compatible ESP32 module:


Arduino (@arduino) 3 hours ago

Don't feel like cutting wire by hand? Use this Arduino-powered setup instead:


hackaday (@hackaday) 23 hours ago

Want software for cheap Chinese hardware? Hack the protocol!


Raspberry Pi (@Raspberry_Pi) 8 hours ago

New post: has created the Pi Spy Skill to allow hands-free queries regarding the Raspberry Pi an…

 (@Hacksterio) 19 hours ago

Today's MCU Monday features the Sino:bit, brought to you by + !

 (@Hacksterio) 5 hours ago

Enable a BLE IoT network with cloud control using Nova, Zero W + :…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 22 hours ago

XMotion is an all-in-one, Arduino-compatible robotics controller:


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 23 hours ago

Got the new cheap Weller station


Arduino (@arduino) 22 hours ago

Make this interactive coffee table the focal point of your living room:


Arm Embedded (@ArmEmbedded) 10 hours ago

Nordic Semiconductor announces the nRF91 series: the first chip w/ Cortex-M33 (w/ TrustZone) and CryptoCell-310, br…


Becky Stern (@bekathwia) 21 hours ago

Subscriber counter >10k in the works...


Hackster Pro (@HacksterPro) 11 minutes ago

Add speech capabilities to your Arduino projects with the Little Buddy Talker!


Make: (@make) 4 hours ago

Use a CNC milling machine to create custom lapel pins from copper PCB


OLIMEX Ltd (@Olimex) 11 hours ago

FOSDEM 2018 is approaching, the biggest European Open Source event is 3-4 of February in Universite Libre de Bruxel…


Teledyne LeCroy (@TeledyneLecroy) 10 minutes ago

New Low Profile : Save space and capture more channels of data:


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 5 hours ago

Build an ATtiny84-based NFC tag emulator device for around $10 of components:


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 20 hours ago

Not sure where to start designing your digital cluster solution? Check out our new white paper:…


KINGSTAR (@KINGSTARMotion) 5 hours ago

InsightsSuccess Recognizes KINGSTAR as one of the 10 Most Innovative Robotics Companies to Watch


Wind River (@WindRiver) 4 hours ago

Check out why 653 RTOS was named a Innovator Award winner!


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 8 hours ago

Development platforms can help design an application more quickly. Learn more:


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 2 hours ago

Build a “Hello World” or “Blink” application in minutes using MPLAB® X IDE and MPLAB Code Configurator to program P…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 5 hours ago

Turn an Trinket and some arcade buttons into a hot-key panel:


Teledyne LeCroy (@TeledyneLecroy) 23 hours ago

On-die power-rail measurements call for specially instrumented die, packages, and boards. We break that down for yo…


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 22 hours ago

It’s more than innovation, it’s our culture. We’re proud to be on World’s Top 100 Tech Companies


Arm Mbed (@ArmMbed) 2 hours ago

What sort of projects/tutorials would you love to see our team do?


MikroElektronika (@mikroel) 9 hours ago

DC Motor 8 click - an efficient DC motor driver


MikroElektronika (@mikroel) 6 hours ago

DC Motor 8 click and our click per minute team. Watch the video and find out more.


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 24 hours ago

IoT is everywhere - how do we secure these devices? Maxim security experts discuss this topic in this EE News Europ…


CypressSemiconductor (@CypressSemi) 21 hours ago

Is managing your smart devices a pain? 🤷‍♂️ ’s Smart Home Security System aims to unclutter your connecte…


Becky Stern (@bekathwia) 4 hours ago

What's the cure for a TLDR lifestyle? Comments on my beginner level classes like "Can you help me with I'm just a beginner" got me 😑


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 4 hours ago

Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) Uses IoT Services to Help Europeans Age Gracefully…


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 21 hours ago

After several bios tweaks and dropping to only one processor, win10 update still locks up at 33%…


Teledyne LeCroy (@TeledyneLecroy) 4 hours ago

Among the bugaboos in power-rail measurements is RF interference. We'll show you how to recognize it, and more impo…


Wind River (@WindRiver) 3 hours ago

Time to head over to Fantasia G for lunch and the "IoT Implementation Awards" - see you there!…


Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) 21 hours ago

Join our friends at in for "ROC-210: Intro to Parallax and Blockly" on Monday, February 5th.…


Wind River (@WindRiver) 2 hours ago

One hour until "Digital Transformation for Control: 6 Things you Need to Know" - still time to register…


Altium (@altium) 6 hours ago

From Shack to Shed: What is a Bill of Materials and How Does it Help -     I’m planning on building a new utility s…


Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) 6 hours ago

PASS IT ON! We aim to train 500 middle & high school teachers this year (and give them a free robot too)! BlocklyPr…


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 23 hours ago

How to trim away discrete components, reduce your power-management footprint and streamline your overall design wit…


Mentor Graphics ® (@mentor_graphics) 4 hours ago

The industry debate – which machine-to-machine software platform will become the industry standard |…


Mentor Graphics ® (@mentor_graphics) 11 hours ago

Designing with Automotive Audio Bus Technology: Applications & Tools Mentor Dedication to Functional Safety, HW, SW…


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 23 hours ago

Got the new cheap Weller station


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 4 hours ago

What’s your input? Easily add a pushbutton-enabled joystick to your project with Atmel START and the Thumb…


OLIMEX Ltd (@Olimex) 5 hours ago

More Sitara SOMs in stock including AM3359 and SLC Flash


Renesas Electronics (@RenesasAmerica) 21 hours ago

Jan. 23-25, visit our Booth 824 at . We’ll take you from the distribution automation network to the gr…


Kontron (@Kontron) 6 hours ago

Discover how we are supporting broader availability of advanced inflight connectivity.


Make: (@make) 33 minutes ago

Try a burger made from a mushroom!


Altium (@altium) 2 hours ago

I just published “How Online BOM Management Can Get Help Build Teamwork”


Altium (@altium) 7 hours ago

Soup-Up Your CAD Tools as a 64-Bit PCB Designer -   For all the hazards that come along with older cars—rips in the…


Make: (@make) 5 hours ago

Backpacks are kind of hard to put away. It's probably best to just build a place to store them


Colin Walls (@colin_walls) 10 hours ago

Blogging about 5 embedded software programming tips -


MikroElektronika (@mikroel) 6 hours ago

On Tuesday, February 13, just before Valentine's day, version 7.2.0 of the PIC compilers is coming out.…