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Alex Bandar is a PhD metallurgist by day and aspiring kinetic artist by night. His embedded control interests involve a 68HC11 which he's using to replicate biologically dynamic motions (insect wings flapping, flowers blooming, eyes moving) as well as functional "steampunk" art. He maintains a studio at Milo Arts in Columbus, OH. | Personal Website

Galvanic etching

Alex Bandar September 28, 20077 comments

One of the reasons I'm tinkering with embedded control is that I'd like to make mechanical devices move, and move with a certain intelligence (i.e. informed by sensors, or following a prescribed program, etc). This is at least a two-part goal, with an embedded control component, and a mechanical fabrication component.

With respect to the fabrication side - I'd like to make these sculptures / objects / mechanisms out of metal, and I'd like them to look pretty interesting, too. Thus, I've...

First post!

Alex Bandar September 26, 20072 comments

Hello! I'm happy to be blogging on Comments and feedback appreciated!

Here's a little background on me....

My name's Alex; I received my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering a couple of years ago, and now I professionally write computer models to predict how metals react/perform when formed, heated, quenched, etc. (Yes, there's a job for people who do that. Lucky for me!) I performed my graduate studies at the Institute for Metal Forming at Lehigh University...

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