Greg Eaton (@Geato)

I have am analog / mixed signal designer specializing in precision sensing technologies including sub-millidegree temperature measurement and picosecond time of flight measurements.

Re: AD9601 with 200MSPS connected to DSP

Reply posted 5 years ago (08/14/2019)
I have done this to capture acoustic echoes using a CPLD (Xilinx XC2C32)and a static RAM. The processor I used was the ATMega128 and I was able to tri-state the...

Re: What do *you* call "Deeply Embedded"

Reply posted 5 years ago (06/20/2019)
I cut my teeth on an 1802 and SC/MP from Nat Semi. The 1802 dev unit had tape to tape assembly. Funny how cassette tapes are making a come back. From there I migrated...

Re: Glass that transfers light

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/29/2019)
If I was going to build something like this I would ditch the phototransistor as they are inherently slow due to junction capacitance. Look at using a PIN photodiode...
The sensor should be placed in the drip pan of a hot water tank. That being said, the water will never be where the sensor is located until the leak becomes significant....
There are a miriad of IOT devices out there that can do the job. On the lower cost side, there is the Photon / Electron, CHIP Pro, and ESP family like the ESP32....

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