Embedding systems, both hardware and software. Very interested in Machine Learning and AI.

Debugging DSP code.

Mark Browne May 1, 2019

I am fascinated with neural network processing and have been playing with them since the 80's.

I am a frequent contributor to the Numenta forum. Numenta is the current project of Jeff Hawins, the guy that gave us the Palm Pilot. They are working with the HTM model. This is a system based on studies of the functions of the cortical column and has some very interesting properties: It processes sequential data streams and has very effective one shot learning. The data is arranged in Sparse...

Patents and the little guy working at home

Mark Browne April 11, 20191 comment
There are pluses and minuses to having patents. As it stands now the patent system is horribly broken and not doing what the founders intended when they set it up.I have some patents through work and it does look nice to see my name on the patent database. It's kinda like wetting yourself in a dark suit - it gives you a warm feeling but nobody notices.Don Lancaster makes a compelling argument that for the little guy it’s best to avoid the whole mess to the degree possible.

Public speaking

Mark Browne April 3, 20192 comments

Public Speaking: This common task goes with embedded system engineering. Pitching a project. Presenting at a conference. Delivering a status report. Teaching. All part of the job.

Stephane Boucher did a v-blog post here last week and is naturally apprehensive about how he did.

If you have not seen it you can catch it here:

First - Stephane - You did fine!

I spent some time (5 quarters, 3 classes a day, computer technology in a tech school) in a classroom and am comfortable in front of a...

Getting smacked by the long tail of poor design habits

Mark Browne March 25, 2019

In the 80’s I did a fair amount of consulting and enjoyed it greatly.

I would come in, hear what it was the person hiring me wanted; meet with the people that I needed to work with and proceed to toss together a design, parts list, and program. Sometimes I would work with them to get a board into production. I knew my chips and code and could make all kinds of amazing toys.

One of my biggest repeat customers eventually offered a good salary at the same time that my wife was feeling...

If you plan to deploy your gizmo in certain geographic areas and you want to know what to plan for - the military has a standard for that!MIL-STD-810G: ENVIRONMENTAL...
As far as guidance on electronics equipment, one of the best sources of construction practices is MIL-Handbook-454B: GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT...
I am going to come at this from a very different direction.One of the NIST publications is Handbook 44.This is the technical specifications of any measuring devices...

Re: Set up output pin 2.5 as a square wave.

Reply posted 2 years ago (04/23/2019)
ISR is Interrupt Service Routine.You can set the timers up to count down and when they hit zero you can have a section of code run (the ISR) to set the counter up...

Re: Trying to go live SOON

Reply posted 2 years ago (04/08/2019)

Re: Trying to go live SOON

Reply posted 2 years ago (04/05/2019)
A wetter beer than the digital one I sent.

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