Rafael Karosuo (@karosuo)

Trying to apply scrum, TDD and automated toolchains/environments to embedded software, specifically to the use of C and Barr-C 2018 on cortex M processors (STM32F103C8) Love to work in multidisciplinary teams

I know what it feels like to be a student with great ideas, lots of motivation, but not that much of a budget, hang in there, but also, use it as a practice too,...
I thought about something similar to this some years ago, but using just cams with an ESP2866 then relaying that info to a base computer that will do the heavy lifting,...

Re: SDKs and project management

Reply posted 3 years ago (04/29/2021)
I agree with the part of using Docker and VSCode, I'm trying to do something similar with PlatformIO.I hope this is sort of one of the better ways to do this in...

Re: SDKs and project management

Reply posted 3 years ago (04/29/2021)
It feels good to see that I'm not alone, unfortunately it also feels bad since it means there are other people struggling with something I believe it shouldn't be...

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