Tayyar GUZEL (@tayyarguzel)

Holding a PhD degree in EE. Have 20+ years of hands-on experience in embedded systems development. Particularly interested in Wireless Communications, Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning.

Continuous Integration for Embedded Systems

Tayyar GUZEL September 5, 20172 comments

It is no secret that anyone who wants to streamline project management, reduce risk and improve the quality needs some form of "automation" in SW development processes. What is commonly used in most companies as a tool for such automation is called Continuous Integration (CI). It is a good practice for embedded systems as well even though it is much harder to use CI for embedded systems compared to pure software development because embedded systems mostly depend on...

How to Give Persistent Names To USB-Serial Devices on Ubuntu 14.04

Tayyar GUZEL May 22, 2017

If you have a bunch of USB-serial devices connected to your dock station and you needed to bind your USB-serial devices under static names so that all the USB-serial devices don't get to be assigned to random names by "udev" manager when you re-plug your laptop to the dock station, follow the instructions below. I will share the udev rules I created as a reference and give the step by step instructions to achieve persistent naming. All the steps worked on my Ubuntu 14.04...

Best Firmware Architecture Attributes

Tayyar GUZEL June 4, 20166 comments

Architecture of a firmware (FW) in a way defines the life-cycle of your product. Often companies start with a simple-version of a product as a response to the time-to-market caveat of the business, make some cash out of the product with a simple feature set. It takes only less than 2-3 years to reach a point where the company needs to develop multiple products derived from the same code base and multiple teams need to develop...

How to install Ubuntu 12.04 Precise, Xubuntu-desktop and Open JDK-7 on Beagleboard Rev. C2

Tayyar GUZEL July 25, 20124 comments

My aim was to install Ubuntu 12.04, Xubuntu-desktop graphical user interface and Java virtual machine (Open JDK-7) on my beagleboard so that I could run my java application on the monitor connected to the BB. I encountered several problems and solved them one by one. Following is how I've done it..

I had all the accesorries for the beagleboard (usb hub, dvi-to-hdmi cable, usb-ethernet converter, usb keyboard, usb mouse and a hdmi enabled monitor).

My host PC also has a Ubuntu 12.04...

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