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Pragnesh Patel's Embedded Systems Blog

Pragnesh Patel
Experienced electrical and embedded systems engineer. I worked with analog and digital systems, sensors and interfacing and 8 through 32 bit microcontrollers.

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Designing Embedded System with FPGA - 1

With the introduction of soft processors and related tools (like EDK from Xilinx), implementation of basic embedded system in FPGA is made easy. This requires very little or almost no knowledge of VHD...

posted by Pragnesh Patel on Oct 28 2007
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Designing Embedded Systems with FPGA-2

In last part, we created hardware design of basic system. The next step is to generate (compile) hardware design. Compiled hardware design is known as bit-stream andstored in *.bit file. To compile ha...

posted by Pragnesh Patel on Nov 13 2007
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My first entry to

Hello everybody, it’s nice to have an opportunity to write on embedded system and share experiments with readers. I recently started embedded systems in FPGA having luxury of reconfigurable ...

posted by Pragnesh Patel on Oct 23 2007
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