Microcontroller Technology: The 68HC11 (4th Edition)

Peter Spasov 2001

For introductory courses in Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, and Embedded Control. Focusing on one very popular microcontroller-the Motorola 68HC11-this useful text lays the basic foundation needed to understand and use any 8-bit microcontroller. Covering a wide range of topics, at a wide range of levels, it serves as a guide to real-time control software and interfacing, and concentrates on applications throughout-encouraging hands-on practice using computer simulation or an evaluation...

Design of Embedded Systems Using 68HC12/11 Microcontrollers

Richard E. Haskell 1999

This is the first book to describe, in detail, the new Motorola 68HC12 microcontroller, how to program it, and how to design embedded systems using the 68HC12. It shows how WHYP (a version of Forth written specifically for this book) can be used to program the new 68HC12 microcontroller in an efficient and interactive way. It includes an abundance of worked examples and complete C++ code for the WHYP host that runs on the PC. Subroutines and Stacks. 68HC12 Arithmetic. WHYP-An ...